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Project Management

1st Edition,
Author: Prof. Nirmal Jain,
Language: Hindi and English,
Specially Designed According to the New Syllabus of Devi Ahilya University, Indore.
Sales price: ₨. 325

Project Management

       Examination Scheme: Students shall be evaluated on two components, internal and end semester examination. Internal component shall be of 20 marks based on continuous evaluation. The Semester Examination will be worth 80 marks, it will have two Section, A and B. Section A, worth 60 marks will comprise of seven theory questions out of which a student will be required to attempt any four questions. Section B worth 20 marks will contain cases.

?  Unit I

       Introduction to project and projects. Characteristics and types of projects. Gaining importance, project life cycle and its phases. Project selection, non quantiative and scoring models, technical analysis and technology selection, market potential analysis and techniques of long term forecasting.

?  Unit II

  Financial feasibility, determinants of cost of project, its financing and deciding optimum capital structure. Cash flows from project and owner’s perspective. Project Appraisal, Financial feasibility with risk. Types of risk, techniques of risk evaluation and its mitigation, Sensitivity analysis, Hiller’s model, scenario analysis, simulation.

?  Unit III

       Network analysis, construction of networks, CPM, various types of floats and their application, PERT and its applications. Time cost relationship, crashing for optimum cost and optimum time, Resource leveling.

?  Unit IV

  Introduction to project software and applications of MS Project.

?  Unit V

  Human Aspects of Project management: project manager’s skills and functions, matrix organization, Social Cost Benefit Analysis, UNIDO approach, shadow pricing.

?  Unit VI

  Project monitoring, Earned Value Analysis, abandonment analysis, PMIS, Project Termination and Audit, Reasons for failure.       



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