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Accounting for Managers (Text Book)

Author:Prof. Nirmal Jain
Solution Free With This Book,
6th Revised Edition,
Language: English,
Useful for: MBA & Other Professional Courses,
Sales price: ₨. 565



Part I : Financial Accounting

1.    Basic Accounting Concepts and Fundamental Conventions

2.    Concept of Double Entry System, Basic Knowledge of Accounting Process: Journal, Ledger, Trial Balance, Closing Entries, Opening Entries, Subsidiary Books and Rectification of Errors.

3.    Preparation of Final with Adjustments: Manufacturing, Trading and Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet.

4.    Depreciation and its Importance in Decision Making, Straight Line Method and Written Down Value Method.

5.    Bank Reconciliation.

Part II : Cost Accounting

1.    Need for Cost Information, Cost Objective, Elements of Cost and Classification of Costs.

2.    Concept, Elements and Managerial Uses of Unit Cost, Batch Cost, Job Order Costs, Contract Cost, Process Cost, Joint Product Cost and By-Product Cost.

3.    Cost Control and Cost Reduction, Target Costing and Activity Based Costing.

Part III : Management Accounting

1.    Basic Management Accounting Concepts, Relationship with Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting.

2.    Break Even Analysis, Contribution Analysis and Segment Contribution and Their use in Profit Planning.

3.   Standard Costing and Variance Analysis - Material Variance, Labour Variance, Overhead Variance, Sales Volume Variance, Margin Variance and Profit Variance, Use of these Variances.

      4.    Managerial Decision Making through Accounting Information. 


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